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Solar Frame

Aluminum Solar Frame

The aluminum solar frame is the Akcome earliest product. After nearly seven years of sedimentation and development, the Akcome PV frame has successfully become the industry leader with its high-quality performance, extremely competitive prices and perfect after-sales service system. In 2011, the company's frame sales accounted for nearly 20% of the global market shares.

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Akcome photovoltaic frame has won the trust of a series of high-quality PV module manufacturers such as Sharp, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, REC, AUO, MEMC, Jabil, Trina and more others, with which the experience of cooperation not only strengthens and improves the service system of the Akcome frame team, but also becomes a proof of the Akcome high-quality brand.
The aluminum frame special for solar cell panel produced by Akcome with independent intellectual property rights ranks first in the global sales. The perfect cutting, accurate positioning, high precision drilling with mold of excellent accuracy up to 0.02 mm and rigorous and sophisticated manufacturing processes gives each link excellence. The leading technology, excellent technology, high-quality products cast the Akcome classic brands. Akcome frame accounted for 36% of the total shares of top 20 global solar module manufacturers at the end of 2008, according to the authoritative statistics. The production capacity, production accuracy and quality ranking the leading level in the same industry with all products exported to the world top 500 enterprises in Southeast Asia, Europe, and other countries, has won widespread recognition of the top 50 enterprises in the international market of solar industry.
Fix and seal the solar cell modules to enhance the strength of the modules and extend their service life. This is easy to transport and install.

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