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Solar Clean System

Nover Solar Clean System

Nover Photovoltaic CleaningAbout nover solar cleaning systemFrom August 2012 we offer quality solar cleaning system for PV park,PV roofetc. We enable the PV cleaning work easier, faster and safer. Our motto is "MoreSunlight, More Power".

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Product Details

FigureI: Nover cleaning systemAs we see the above figure, our system mainly includes a pure water filter and a telescope. The water filter produces100% pure water which has high water solubility and can better clean the PVpanels. Afterdrying is incrustant free. So for cleaning PV system man don notneed chemistry. It is environmentfriendly. Our telescope can be up to 22 mhigh reachable. The water flow up by telescope through the soft brush. Withthis system are ladder,pump und power not required.For more detailsabout this system andany other PV system cleaning solutions please do nothesitate to contactto us by email:info@noversolar.com.

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