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Science has proven that our Sun is a huge amount of greenhouse gas burns with huge whirlpool.The heat is so intense that something like that in thousands of miles in radius from the Sun vaporizes instantly. Rays the sun reaches the earth produces latent heat to get them. This heat is diluted when the sun's rays are dispersed into the environment. But it is possibleconcentrate the rays of a magnifier to the point where the latent heat to concentrate on them so that the object placed at that time starts to burn. Using a magnifying glass in the sun, which actually do is take this energy from sunlight and solar focus point to produce heat. This principle is the basis to exploit the potential of solar energy. This solar energy is present wherever the sun reach. We must try to catch this energy as much as possible as long after sunset, we can use to heat our houses and homes.

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Solar power conversion has three distinctive requirements: System cost down: Inverters manufacturers will continuously optimize the price per output power on system level. System efficiency: Efficiency is key for return of investment. Reliability: 5+years lifetime for string inverters and 25 years for micro inverter and optimizer.

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